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JFF is home to a community of inspired transformation for families or individuals seeking financial guidance. Through an innovative and modern day approach you will build yourself foundations that will last a lifetime.  See our  main pillars below.

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 These free lessons below are extensive expert level trainings to help impact your daily life beyond just finances. The financial lessons we teach bleed into all areas of life. Once finances are handled correctly, most of life’s stresses, worries, and anxieties tend to heal themselves. 

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Emergency Funds

Credit Card Debt

Home Purchase


JFF's Automated Templates

    An inside look at just a few of our custom made JFF Templates that allow for quick, effective, & efficient action. Get your lifetime access when you purchase one of the $97 Trainings or the JFF Membership. These templates take your finances out of your head and onto already made documents. Allowing you to truly make change and make more room for the things that really matter in your life. 

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Emergency Funds Analysis

Credit Card Analysis

Home Purchase Template

Budgeting Template


    Below is the Live Group Coaching Structure that comes with the JFF Membership. Our Group Coaching, although focused around finances, covers lessons that encourage and inspire total transformation that go beyond traditional financial approach. At JFF we realize what is beneath the surface. Everyone wants to become the version of themselves that they dream about. Our coaching and community inspire just that.  Below is also the Pre Recorded JFF Course Layout that also comes with the JFF Membership.

Beyond Just Finances.

Money Mindset & Stewardship

Money Mindset: During this session, we focus heavily on correcting, growing and optimizing the way you think about money. Money is happening, fun, and beneficial… and we teach you how!  

Stewardship:  Managing your current finances correctly is the key to proving that you are ready and deserving of receiving even more! 

Video Course Lessons
Money Mindset = Module 1
Stewardship = Module 2


45 Minute teaching and 45 Q&A.  The bread and butter to mastering your finances! Thinking you are going to improve your finances without budgeting is like thinking you are going to get six-pack abs without dieting and exercising…most likely not going to happen! Our system takes only 1-3 minutes per day, and we teach you the exact steps!

Video Course Lessons
Budgeting = Module 3

Tracking Habits & Balance Sheet

Tracking Habits: The budget doesn’t work if you don’t track your actual earnings and spending. We teach you how to establish best practice, and solidify tracking as a healthy and enjoyable task in your daily routine!  

Balance Sheet:  Ever wonder what Net-Worth actually means? We teach you to understand your own assets and liabilities, which is a fancy way of saying what you’re worth (assets) versus what you owe (liabilities). This information is critical to action planning and achieving your political goals. 

Video Course Lessons
Tracking Habits = Module 4
Balance Sheet = Module 5

Goal Planning & Credit and Debt Lesson

Goal Planning: We pride ourselves on successfully and frequently turning our clients’ goals into reality! This module helps you get clear on your short-term and long-term goals by putting pen to paper! We then prioritize these goals in order to know which ones to go after first, and which ones can run in parallel! 

Credit & Debt Lesson: Many people have been mislead or misinformed when it comes to credit cards or debt! We teach you the mass benefits of credit cards and debt, and even how to leverage them to provide things like a free vacation 🙂 

Video Course Lessons
Goal Planning = Module 6
Credit & Debt Lesson = Module 7

Halfway Checkpoint: 
Pillars 1 - 4 Check-In

Pillar 5 focuses on reviewing and checking in on the progress being made! This is a time for further questions and to get more clarity on everything being taught.

Emergency Funds & Credit Card Debt Analysis

Emergency Funds: The proper savings account will massively decrease your stress and anxiety. Knowing that you can weather a storm in life for several months and still have all your bills paid and provide for yourself and your family despite adversity, is a priceless state! This goal isn’t just for the rich, its for everyone and needed by everyone, and we teach you how to secure yours in the fastest way possible! 

Credit Card Debt Analysis: Credit card debt weighing you down, or have you just ever wondered how it all works? Our genius and signature analysis shows you exactly how and when you will be able to get out of debt! This is the fastest and cheapest way possible! This clarity and guidance will be an answer to your prayers and a massive burden off you and your family!

Video Course Lessons
Emergency Funds = Module 8
Credit Card Debt Analysis = Module 9

Home Buying & Unique Variable / Credible Sources

Home Buying: One of the biggest and best goals we find that our clients have is buying a house! This goal and module will most likely be relevant for you at some point in your life! Another one of our incredible analyses shows you exactly how and when you will be able to purchase your home! Make sure to invite us to the housewarming party 🙂 

Unique Variables & Credible Sources:  There is no cookie-cutter approach to personal finances! We teach you the need for a custom and personalized approach to your finances, and how you tailor this around your unique needs and goals! Would you take advice from an eskimo on how to rake sand? Yeah, we wouldn’t either! That’s why it is crucial that you take direction on your money from the right people, and it doesn’t get better than JFF!

Video Course Lessons
Home Buying = Module 10
Unique Variables = Module 11

Go For Investing

“When and how should I start investing?” This is one of the most common questions we hear from clients. We give you a general guide to this question, and then give you direct access to one of the best financial advisors in the country, to create you the best plan possible for you and your family! Talk about a one-stop shop!

Video Course Lessons
Go For Investing = Module 12

Vacation Planning

PLEASE TAKE A VACATION! We want you to enjoy your life and create memories with your loved ones! This priceless bonus module shows you exactly how to make this happen and enjoy every second of it, knowing it’s all accounted for in the budget! What a great way to celebrate finishing the Financial Foundations course and changing the trajectory of your life for good!

Video Course Lessons
Vacation Planning = Module 13

Final Checkpoint: Complete Review

The final pillar is an overall review and another opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have! 

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Kind Words from our Community

    Our wonderful community is made up of almost every type of profession and person you can think of. In the video below you’ll see just how much of a catalyst JFF has been in the lives of so many. Our “Inner Circle” Community is full of both financial and life transformations. 

Community Inspires Connection.

Justin Buonomo &
Brittnie Brauner

Your Personal Finance Coaches, Justin Buonomo and Brittnie Brauner, are committed to building quality relationships and utilizing a proven system to help others excel in their financial lives.

JFF walks you through a proven system, detailing the specific step-by-step actions needed to create clarity, objectivity, and results with regard to your finances – which ultimately overflows into flourishing health, happiness, relationships, and so much more. 

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